WAIANAE (KHNL) A local girl who made it big in Hollywood returned to Hawaii today to help parents keep their children away from drugs. Actress Kelly Preston met with students from Waianae Charter School.

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A Message from Kelly Preston


As a concerned Hawaiian and a parent, I want to do everything in my power to help our children stay away from the trap of drug abuse.

We all know about the "ice" problem in Hawai`i and how drug abuse is taking its toll on our children and families and wreaking havoc on our beautiful islands.

I grew up on Oahu and I know what kids have to deal with. They are faced with pressures to experiment with and do drugs.

We can do something effective about this. If we take responsibility for our kids and educate them on the devastation and pain that drugs inevitably leads to, we will keep our future generations from falling prey to this.

The Teaching Your Kids the Truth About Drugs Parent kit, gives you the tools to do exactly that.

I offer you this kit free — it gives you all the facts and information you need so you can talk to your children about drugs and help them make the correct decisions.

Help me work toward the goal of a safe, healthy and drug-free Hawai`i.

Kelly Preston


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Kelly Preston in he keeping your kids drug free TV PSA

Keeping Your Kids Drug Free
Public Service Announcements

"Aloha, I'm Kelly Preston. As a mother and a native of Hawai`i, I want to talk to you about drugs.

"If your child hasn't already been offered drugs, chances are he or she will be and trying them just once can lead to addiction.

"It's not easy talking to your kids about drugs — it's even harder once they've started using them, but you can."

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